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How Can We Beautify Your Property?

Hire us for tree trimming and more in Haverhill, MA

Are you madly in love with your backyard? Or does the neighbor’s lawn and garden make you green with envy?

If you’re looking to spruce up your property, call the outdoor pros at Corey Tree & Landscape. Our Haverhill, Massachusetts landscaping firm understands the ins and outs of mowing, growing and all things plant related. We can whip your garden into shape – and keep it looking fantastic in every season!

We’ll get it cleaned up quickly

The crew at Corey Tree & Landscape is available for spring and fall cleanups at your Haverhill, MA residence. In the spring, we’ll dethatch your lawn and remove winter debris to get your yard ready for the growing season.

In the fall, we’ll undertake your big leaf and stick cleanup. Leave your rake and plastic bags in the shed, and let us do the heavy lifting!

We’ll maintain the pristine appearance of your yard

Corey Tree & Landscape is a trusted landscape maintenance company. You can count on our Haverhill, MA crew to:

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